S&P Delivery

Frequently Asked Question

How to order online?

Quick easy step to order online food

  • - Enter your address: the system will transfer your information to nearby S&P Store
  • - Pick your order: you can search and select item on the menu
  • - Choose The payment method: choose your preferred method including cash on delivery, bank transfer and credit card *if you need a refund of your payment please contact customer service at Tel. 1344 Call center.

If I want to cancel my order?

- Immediately or same day delivery: notify the cancellation order at 1344 Call center. 50 minutes before the expected delivery time.
- Advance delivery: notify the cancellation order at 1344 Call center.

How long should a delivery take?

The delivery time will be differed for each order. It depends on the store preparation and delivery distance. Generally, the delivery time should be 50 Minutes after order confirmation.

What happened after I confirm my order?

After order confirmation, the system will transfer your order to S&P store located nearby customer area. They will prepare and ready your food as fast as possible. However, delay may occur due to traffic jam and excessive order. If the delivery takes too long, please contact us at 1344 to update your delivery status.

Delivery Fee

50 baht for order in delivery area, no minimum order required.

Can I use S&P Gift Voucher with online delivery service?

No, all gift vouchers cannot be used at S&P online delivery. All S&P Gift voucher are applicable at any S&P store except non-participating branches.

Can I use Joy Card for discount and point collection on delivery website?

No, Joy card cannot be use at S&P online delivery. You can use Joy Card for discount and point collection at any S&P store.

Can I use discount coupon?

Yes, you can. Please enter the discount code at Pick your order process. The system will automatically calculate to adjusted price.

Why online delivery is not available at my location?

Not all S&P stores are connected to the online system. We try our best to expand service area and connect all S&P store to online ordering as quickly as possible.

Why won’t the system accept my address?

We make every effort to keep customer address up to date, however some streets are listed in different format which make it difficult to maintain. Furthermore, we also have limited delivery area to provide customers with freshest possible food. If you have any question, feel free to contact at 1344 Call center.

How can I be certain if my credit card is safe and secure?

S&P use internet banking service from Omise, payment solution company with PCI DSS 3.2 security certificated. All credit cards will be encrypted to secure sensitive information. The data will store in highly secured environment. Ready to combat any security threat. The Credit card information will be decrypted only for banking transaction process.

How Can I contact S&P customer service?

You can contact us for information, provide feedback or make a complaint about S&P services and products. Please call or email at the except below.
Customer Contact
Telephone: 02-635-5500 Ext. 155 or 156
Every day from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Email: callcenter@snpfood.com

What does the packaging look like?

Our food for delivery is contained in a well-graded container. Inside the container, it divided into compartments for rice, main dish, and dessert. All of the containers are microwave safe (Please, remove the plastic cover before microwave). We also provide you eating utensil for instant use.

Snack box and meal box are packed in carton box with an elegant design suitable for any special occasions.