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DIY Snack Box Set C

Choose Sandwich 1 item , Pie 1 item , Bakery 1 item and UHT fruit juice 1 item
Choose Sandwich 1 item
Crab Stick Sandwich
Ham Sandwich
Tuna Sandwich
Smoked Chicken Sandwich
Choose Pie 1 item
Chicken Puff Curry
Chicken Pie
Carbonara Pie
Mushroom Pie
Roast Pork Pie
Tuna Pie
Taro Puff and Ginkgo
Pineapple Puff
Corn Puff
Choose Bakery 1 item
Butter Cake
Banana Cake
Pandan Banana & Young Coconut Cake
Chocolate Marble Cake
Dorayaki with golden chestnut
Choose UHT fruit juice 1 item
Apple & Pomegranate Juice
Sweet Corn Milk Drink
Valencia Orange Juice
Red Grape Juice
Strawberry Juice
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