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Rice with 3 menus

Rice with 3 menus
Jasmine Rice
Jasmine Rice
Choose main dish -3 items
Stir-fried chicken with ginger and mushroom
Stir-fried fish balls with chilli and bamboo shoo
Fried Seasoned Pork (Recommend)
Savoury pork balls w/ Garlic & Pepper (Recommend)
Seabass in Sour Soup
Thai Stewed Pork & Eggs
Chicken Erinjii Mushroom in Coconut Milk Broth
Fried Glass Noodle with Salted Egg
Stir-Fried Kailaan & Shiitake in Oyster Sauce
Stir - Fired Cabbage w/ Fish Sauce & Dried Shrimp
Spicy Chicken Basil
Stir-fried spicy pork with bamboo shoot and basil
Stir Fried Chicken with Green Peppers
Stir Fried Spicy Minced Pork
Spicy Stir-fried pork with Thai herbs
Fish organs sour soup
Southern Thai Spicy Sour Yellow Curry with Lotus Stems and Sea Bass
Pork Fillet and Morning Glory Curry
Fish Balls Green Curry
spicy mixed vegetable soup
Chicken Jungle Curry
Hot & Sour Vegetable and Prawns
Pork panang curry
Deep fried fish with chilli sauce
Fried Eggs w/ Caramelized Crisp Shallots
Coconut Milk and Shrimp Sauce
Herbed Soya Beans with Minced Shrimp and Pork in Coconut Milk
Stir Fried Spicy Chicken with Coconut Milk
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