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Thai set 185 Baht

Choose Single Dish , Drinks and Dessert
Choose Single Dish 1 item
Fried Rice w/ Salted Fish Kailaan & Chicken Cubes
Rice - Hot & Sour Vegetable and Prawns - Fluffed Omelette
Quinoa Rice - Stir Fried Spicy Minced Pork - Fresh Vegetable
Shrimp-Paste Fried Rice & Condiments
Rice Noodle w/ Kurobuta Pork Slices With Gravy
Choose Drink 1 item
Iced Lemon Tea
Thai Iced Tea with milk
Choose Dessert 1 item
Taro Pearls in Coconut Cream
Sago & Black Bean in Coconut Cream
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