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Aroi Kum Jud Tem+Menu Add On

When ordering AROI KUM JUD TEM 498.- for 1 set, get the right to redeem popular menu items at a special price of 80 baht (from the normal price). Choose for 1 menu.
Deep–Fried Seabass in Savoury Fish Sauce
Prawns & Bird Chilli
Minced Pork Clear Soup with Chinese Cabbage
สิทธิ์แลกซื้อเมนูยอดนิยม 80 บาท (เลือกระบุ 1 เมนู)
Savoury pork balls w/ Garlic & Pepper
Fried Seasoned Pork
Stir - Fired Cabbage w/ Fish Sauce & Dried Shrimp
Stir-Fried Kailaan & Shiitake in Oyster Sauce
Fried Spring Rolls
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